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Mounted sprayers from 100 l up to 1500 l, max. boom length 28 m

Trailed sprayers from 1700 l up to 5200 l, max. boom length 30m

Self-propelled sprayers

Highly Productive Forage Harvesting Complex

The ASO range is suited to medium-sized farms with crap diversification, which requires an efficient use of the fertilizer spreader with different crops and fields. Its ease of use and regulation adapt to the needs of medium-sized farmers.

Series designed for large farms with largesized fields, where the mineral fertilizer needs to be spreaded quickly and efficiently with the greatest precision.

A multipurpose range, which can be adapted to spread any kind of product, even in large doses. Its robustness, ease-of-use and low maintenance costs are the ideal solution for private farmers, agricultural contractors and groups of farmers or cooperatives.

Feed proportional to advance of tractor

8y means of asimple mechanical transmission, the wheel transmits the amount 01 lertilizer to be spreaded depending on the distance run by the tractor. adapting the dose to the surface covered.

Stainless steel spreading discs

The stainless steel spreading system forms a curve with great accuracy even at long distances. The placement of the paltets enables the spreading of the fert111zer to be adjusted to the necessary width, up to 18 metres. The spreading system is surrounded bya stainless steel guard, which protects the elements of the fertiliser spreader and the tractor from corrosion.

Easy and simple adjustment

The dose and spreading width can be easily adjusted with the easily accessible screws. Without elfort, the opening of the oulets is quickly adjusted. As an option the electronic control system is installed to vary alt the adjustments from the tractor cab.

Pendular spreading system

The pendular spreading system lorms a distribution diagram lor short distances, symmetrie at both sides. Simplying the fertilising operation on the borders of the fields

Hydraulic opening and closing

The opening and closing of the outlet shutters is controlled Irom the cab.

Galvanised sieve and high performance feed belt

The standard galvanised sieve protects the distribution elements from foreign bodies and lumps of fertiliser. The 800 mm belt 1600 mm up to AC 5000), ensures a homogeneous feed of the distributor dises, even for very high doses of any type of product.